Friday, 26 June 2015


The May BAM monthly lunch was held at the Sirocco restaurant formerly called the Puerto Azul restaurant, on Thursday 28th May. All who attended were delighted with quality of food, service and value for money. Many thanks go to Violette for arranging this fine venue and to Angret in ‘finding’ the funds.

The next BAM monthly lunch will now be held at the Hong KongChinese restaurant, on Thursday 25th June. The menu, to choose from, will be the menu del dia of the restaurant.

Please contact Violette, 952828988, at the latest Monday 22nd June, to book your place. The lunch, as usual, will commence with arrival at 1.30pm for lunch at 2.00pm. The cost for the lunch, which includes the tip but no drink, is €14.50. The meal includes a choice of soup or spring roll with salad or prawn cocktail. The second course will have a selection of duck chicken and prawn, dessert or tea or coffee. No need to choose anything at time of booking.

Please pre-book to assure a guaranteed place. Recently, members and their friends have caused the lunch organiser great difficulties in requesting reservations and in some instances changes in menu choices when appropriate after the closing dates shown each month. In future, requests may not be able to be accommodated.

The following monthly lunch will be held, at the Andana restaurant, on Thursday 30th July. The location for the August monthly lunch has not yet been decided by the committee. We are considering a venue that we have not visited for many years. More details will be forthcoming.

The BAM trip to the Pompidou and Russian Art Museum in Malaga took place on the 13th May. This was a great day for those BAM members who decided to attend. Thanks Violette for organising this event.

The committee is considering holding a ‘Picnic’ on Thursday 10th September at the Palmyra Park in Marbella. We need to know if this is of real interest to members. Please contact Violette, 952828988, during this month if you are interested to attend yourself and would like to bring a non-member. We need to know potential numbers prior to stipulating how the picnic can be provided.

The BAM coffee morning event continues to be held on at the San Cristobal, so we hope to see you all every Wednesday from 11:00 in the library.

Many thanks are given to Eva, who has created and constantly updates a new website and Facebook entry for BAM. Any ideas for additional content would be appreciated.

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