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The June BAM monthly lunch was held at the Hong Kong Chinese restaurant; on Thursday 25th June. All who attended were delighted with quality of food and service. Many thanks go to Violette, assisted by Len for arranging this fine venue and to Angret in ‘finding’ the extra funds. It was a pleasure to see Jean able to attend the event.

The next BAM monthly lunch will now be held at the Andana restaurant, on Thursday 30th July. Please contact Violette, 952828988, at the latest Monday 27nd July, to book your place. The lunch, as usual, will commence with arrival at 1.30pm for lunch at 2.00pm. The cost for the lunch, which includes the tip and a first drink, will be €12.

It has become an occurrence with some members to book a place at the monthly lunches and then cancel on the day, at the time of sitting down, via another member. This is causing embarrassment for the organiser so it was suggested that after two no shows without good reason we may ask the member on the third occasion to pay for the lunch in advance.

The following monthly lunch will be held, at the Fontanilla restaurant, on Thursday 27th August. More details will be forthcoming from Paz and Joan nearer to the time.

The Committee is considering holding a ‘Picnic’ on Thursday 10th September at the Palmyra Park in Marbella or if transport is available in Benhavis. We definitely need to know if this is of real interest to members. Please contact Violette, 952828988, during this month if you are interested to attend yourself and would like to bring a non-member. We need to know potential numbers prior to stipulating how the picnic can be provided. If we do not get your responses we will not hold the event.

The Committee is considering offering members an evening to support a charity of our choice, but it is uncertain if numbers could be attained for an evening event.

It has also been suggested that we could raise funds for a charity with an afternoon tea in which each member who attends would bring a cake or other contribution and then pay €5 for the charity donation. Violette has kindly offered the use of her house, with Tim’s permission, to host the event if it goes ahead. A date in October was being considered. Please advise Violette of your thoughts. Again, if we do not get your responses we will not hold such events.

Thanks go to Joaquim for bringing to the ‘Coffee Morning’ the German Newspapers showing the extent of news coverage given to the Queens recent visit to Germany.

Many thanks are given to Eva, who has created and constantly updates a new website and Facebook entry for BAM. Any ideas for additional content would be appreciated.

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